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Rigaku Raman’s Xantus-2 is the world’s first dual wavelength Raman analyzer designed to provide customers with application specific solutions for quality data analysis. It is equipped with options of 1064 and 785nm, or 1064 and 532nm lasers stabilized for Raman spectroscopy, providing a unique combination of high sensitivity and minimized fluorescence.

Lightweight, portable and battery operated the Xantus-2 supports an integrated academic lab-lecture approach to education enabling hands-on lab analysis in the class room. The analyzer also empowers scientists to transport the instrument throughout the laboratory and across multiple laboratories for a more collaborative environment.

Xantus-2 utilizes integrated software combining open architecture with customizable, user-defined settings for optimized sampling parameters that result in comprehensive and actionable data analysis. Equipped with sampling accessories for solids, liquids and powders, the Xantus-2 can perform analysis directly through sample containers without altering or destroying the sample. Users are able to perform rapid quantitative and qualitative analysis and monitor reactions like oxidation and reduction directly through clear/amber-colored glass vessels.